Book Publicity with John Baldoni helps to spread the gift of purpose this season

Lead with Purpose

Author: John Baldoni

Lead with Purpose Book Cover

John Baldoni's Lead with Purpose

Every day, millions of Americans spend their days at a job that they hate. They watch the clock, feeling like cogs in the machine.  This lack of passion leads to poor results and apathy; and can greatly damage an organization.

Leadership expert, John Baldoni’s new book, LEAD WITH PURPOSE argues that management in these organizations shares just as much blame for the lack of productivity as the employees. It is the leader’s duty, after all, to make the employee feel needed within the organization.

LEAD WITH PURPOSE details how an organization can unlock its purpose and use it to boost employee commitment and creative output. Instill a sense of ownership from the top down and turn a sense of collective direction into a strategic advantage for organizations.

Book publicity highlights include:  Baldoni shares how to bring purpose to your organization with and discusses how to Lead with Purpose with’s Marla Tabaka.

Read an excerpt at The Globe and Mail.

About the Author:
Named one of the world’s top 30 influential gurus by Leadership Gurus International, John Baldoni is an internationally recognized leadership educator, executive coach, and author of many books, including Lead by Example, Lead Your Boss and Great Motivation Secrets of Great Leaders. Baldoni is a much in demand speaker on leadership to corporate, professional, military, and university audiences. He is a regular online contributor to Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg/Businessweek, and CBS. To learn more about John Baldoni, visit

Book Publicity Campaign for Bestseller Mark Stevens

Your Company Sucks

Author: Mark Stevens
Publisher: BenBella Books

Your Company Sucks

Your Company Sucks

Mark Stevens, the blunt, bestselling author of the book, Your Marketing Sucks, has  partnered with Newman for a full book publicity campaign to promote his latest title, Your Company Sucks. The book tour has seen much success and has generated quite a bit of exposure for Mark, including media hits with:

About the Book:

This insightful book makes three points clear:

  1. The key to long-term business success is for the leader to declare war on him/herself so that the company never rests on its laurels
  2. Customer satisfaction is a curse in disguise. The overwhelming need is not to satisfy your customers/clients but to thrill them.
  3. Only four factors lead to business failure and stagnation. Identifying and addressing these plagues is the focus of the war.

Your Company Sucks pulls back the curtain on the four reasons business decline and shows how you can transition from failing to flourishing. It’s not too late to turn your company around.

About the Author:

Mark Stevens is CEO of MSCO, a results-driven management and marketing firm, and a popular media commentator on business matters, including marketing, branding, management and sales. Stevens is known for delivering business insights with blunt truth and unconventional wisdom. His firm, now celebrating its 16th year, has represented a stellar roster of clients including Nike, Starwood, GE, Guardian Life, Estee Lauder, A.I.G. and hundreds of main street businesses.

Stevens is the author of several bestsellers, including Your Marketing Sucks and Sudden Death: The Rise and Fall of E.F. Hutton, as well as 26 other business-related books. His blog, “Unconventional Thinking,” was named among the top 10 marketing blogs.

More Information:

Visit Stevens’ websites at and

For more about the book, visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or IndieBound
or you can visit the publisher’s site.

Book Publicity Tour Brings New Perspective to the Global Economic Crisis

Debt, Deficits, and the Demise of the American Economy

Authors: Peter Tanous and Jeff Cox
Publisher: Wiley

Financial analyst, Peter Tanous, and CNBC journalist, Jeff Cox, hired Newman Communications for a book publicity tour to promote their new book, Debt, Deficits, and the Demise of the American Economy. As the events of the global economic crisis continue to unfold, Newman Communications helped Tanous and Cox act as a timely resource, able to discuss the ongoing troubling financial events. To date, Newman Communications has scheduled the authors with more than 50 media interviews. A sample of these hits include an article on AOL DailyFinance discussing how investors can prepare for a double-dip recession and another including Peter Tanous on Yahoo! Finance’s “The Daily Ticker,” discussing the dire outlook of inflation.

Book Description:

In Debt, Deficits, and the Demise of the American Economy, Tanous and Cox discuss how the US is heading toward an unavoidable financial catastrophe that will paralyze the markets and the overall economy.

A timely must-read for all, the authors look at how the US landed in this black hole, how the crisis will continue to unfold, and how it will end with a stock market crash in 2012, if not sooner. Although Tanous and Cox do not predict the exact time, they do spell out the linear direction of this predictable crisis and provide the resources readers need to counter the effects of higher inflation.

About the Authors:

Peter Tanous is President of Lepercq Lynx Advisory of Washington, D.C., an SEC-registered investment advisory consulting firm. A graduate of Georgetown University, he serves on the university’s investment committee. Tanous’ book, Investment Gurus, published by Prentice Hall in 1997, received wide critical acclaim in financial circles and was chosen as a main selection of The Money Book Club. Other books include The Wealth Equation (Prentice Hall Press, 1999), Investment Visionaries (Penguin Group, 2003), and Kiplinger’s Build a Winning Portfolio (Kaplan Publishing, 2008). He co-authored (with Dr. Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore) The End of Prosperity, published by Simon & Schuster in October 2008. Peter Tanous serves on several corporate and nonprofit boards of directors. He lives in Washington D.C. with his wife, Ann.

Jeff Cox has been a journalist since 1987 and currently covers the markets and economy for and appears on CNBC broadcast. He also provides guest commentary for radio stations across the country, and his work has appeared in numerous publications and Web sites including, Yahoo Finance, and USA Today. Prior to coming to CNBC he worked at CNNMoney and before that as a senior editor and columnist for Pennsylvania newspapers. His work has been honored by the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association and New Jersey Press Association, and he has been a speaker at Columbia University’s journalism program. A Pennsylvania native, he is a graduate of Bloomsburg University and lives in Lower Mount Bethel, along the Delaware River, with his wife, Mary Ellen.

Denise Shull, M.A. Taps Newman Communications for Book Publicity Radio Campaign

Market Mind Games: A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading and Risk

Author: Denise Shull
Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Denise Shull, CEO of The ReThink Group, is an internationally recognized pioneer in the new psychology of risk and uncertainty. With the December release date of her timely new book, Market Mind Games: A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading and Risk, approaching, Shull has turned to Newman Communications to coordinate and execute a book publicity campaign. Already, Newman Communications has booked Shull on numerous radio stations in some of the biggest markets across the country. These stations include KNX-AM (Los Angeles), WBAL-AM (Baltimore), and CNN Radio (Dallas). Additionally, Newman Communications’ efforts have led to Market Mind Games appearing in USA Today and

Book Description:

Market Mind Games: A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading and Risk deftly uses Denise Shull’s unique blend of science, knowledge, and fact to demystify the market and reveal the more human aspects of Wall Street. Using her experience in neuroscience and investment, Shull details a innovative trading system that takes advantage of the effects emotions have on the market. Typically, explanations of neuroscience can become convoluted and confusing in the wrong writer’s hands. However, Shull manages to explain the science in a clear and concise manner that is easy for anyone to understand. The author’s intriguing descriptions of human emotion, unique views on the market, and  cutting-edge investment techniques make this book a must-read.

About the Author:

Denise Shull is a pioneer in the new psychology of risk and uncertainity. She holds a master’s degree in neuropsychoanaly from the University of Chicago and is a graduate of Harvard’s “Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance” program. A former member of the CME Group, Shull is CEO of The ReThink Group and belongs to the Association for NeuroPsychoEconomics. For more information, please visit Denise Shull’s websites, and

Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose

Author: Tony Hsieh
Publisher: Business Plus, Hachette Book Group

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh Turns to Newman Communications for Radio Publicity Tour

Tony Hsieh is known for running one of the most successful online retail businesses, but when it comes to the publicity of his first book, Delivering Happiness, he turns to Newman Communications. Tasked with a radio publicity campaign, Newman Communications has booked Hsieh with more than 20 national and local radio interviews, including SiriusXM, WHUD-FM (metro NYC), KVON-AM (San Francisco), and Business Talk Radio.

Book Description:

In Delivering Happiness, Hsieh shows how investing in happiness not only inspires loyalty and trust in an age of constant uncertainty and cynicism, but also how it can really pay off.

It’s a hard-won insight after a long road of serial adventures in entrepreneurialism that he began as a boy. By age nine Hsieh started his first venture—a worm farm. Next was his mail-order button making business in middle school, and then his pizza-making business in college. At the age of 24, Hsieh sold LinkExchange to Microsoft for $265 million, the first “real” company he co-founded. From pizza, parties, and poker to Venture Frogs (an investment company he also co-founded), Hsieh eventually arrived at Zappos. In the early days, he was determined to grow it into the world’s largest shoe store online. He succeeded. But the real story was how he evolved Zappos from an online shoe retailer committed to superior customer service to a company devoted to delivering WOW through service to employees and customers alike. It was a transformation that might never have happened if Hsieh’s survival instincts—and his own money—didn’t kick in during the company’s near bankruptcy during the dot-com bust.
All of these insights have contributed to Hsieh’s vivid and comprehensive vision of what his company stands for: delivering happiness to the world.
Delivering Happiness encourages all business leaders to find their own way to make their company not only more profitable, but also a more rewarding place to work.

About the Author:

Tony Hsieh (pronounced Shay) is one of today’s most successful and visionary business leaders. In 1996, he co-founded a Website development side business from his apartment; two and a half years later, he sold LinkExchange to Microsoft for $265 million. In November 1999, he joined a struggling online shoe store as an adviser and investor. Named CEO in 2000, he helped Zappos grow to over $1 billion in gross merchandise sales annually, while continually strengthening its customer service and culture. In October 2009, Zappos was acquired by Amazon in a deal valued at $1.2 billion on the day of closing. In January 2010, Zappos was ranked number 15 on Fortune magazine’s annual “Best Companies to Work For” list. A first-generation Taiwanese-American, Hsieh was born in Illinois, grew up in Marin County, California, and graduated from Harvard with a BA in Computer Science. He currently lives in Las Vegas.  For more information, visit