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Book Publicity & PR Tips: How to Improve Your Media Opportunities

When it comes to book publicity, KNOW YOUR NICHE, MAKE YOUR PITCH!

Focus on your nicheIn the book publicity world in which we book publicists “play”, trying to generate media exposure for clients is often a difficult challenge.  There is no shortage of experts and authors who are competing for the same space, be it in print, television, radio or online.  We have no doubt, if given the opportunity, that most our authors can do a tremendous job of impressing the media with their insight and knowledge, but in order to get them there, we need to be on point with our pitches.  In acting as their mouthpiece, and trying to open the media gates, it is essential for our authors to help us help them.

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Book Promotion Tips: Promote Your Book with Facebook Business Pages

Book Promotion and Book Publicity Tips for Authors

Book Publicity 101

Promoting Your Book on Facebook

If you use Facebook (and who doesn’t), you’re probably by now familiar with  Facebook Business and Brand Pages. As an author, or anyone with a product or brand, you should familiarize yourself with these pages and learn how to take full advantage of their benefits to increase your visibility, marketing, and publicity efforts.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you get started with the new pages and to kick-start your book promotion and publicity. And if you’re not an author, we think you’ll find this information just as helpful.

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