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A Leader in Book Publicity Radio Tours

For more than 20 years, Newman Communications has been a book publicity radio tours leader creating and managing radio tours for large, midsize, and small publishers as well as authors. Each week, Newman Communications works with numerous publishers and books hundreds of radio interviews to publicize books of all genres, styles and types.

What Makes Our Radio Book Publicity Services Different?

What is unique about Newman Communications and what has made our team of radio account executives highly successful is our two-part book publicity strategy.

  1. Unlike many others who offer radio book tours, the Newman team has an exclusive radio team of bookers whose sole responsibility is to work with radio stations and book radio interviews each day.
  2. Our radio team passes all of its scheduled bookings on to a traffic department that ensures that all of the logistics between the client (usually the publisher), the author, and the radio stations are complete and confirmed. Our radio team, which is made up of former radio hosts and producers, has well over 75 years of combined radio industry and radio publicity experience.

Newman Communications’ contacts in radio have been built over 20 years and are second to none. Whether a book requires placement on AM talk radio, FM morning shows, satellite radio, or public radio (e.g., NPR, Pacifica, or PRI shows), Newman has the contacts to be successful. Radio stations of all sizes throughout the country rely on Newman’s assistance to bring the latest newsmakers and entertainment guests that make their shows successful. The partnership described here has often prompted Newman Communications to be referred to as “the producer’s producer.”

One-size Radio Book Publicity Does Not Fit All

Newman Communications offers book publicity radio tours in a number of formats and sizes including

  • traditional one-day radio tours
  • 20-city radio tours
  • short-form radio tours
  • morning-drive radio tours
  • full-day radio tours
  • extended radio tours (week-long or month-long)
  • short-form radio tours
  • long-form radio tours

Radio interviews can be done by an author or spokesperson from the comfort of their home or office and the option exists to complete it over a conference service with the assistance of a Newman Communications professional monitoring each interview and providing feedback during breaks.