City Media Tours

Publishers and authors understand how important it is for a book to get exposure on local radio and television stations and in city and community newspapers. That’s why some large publishers and many midsize houses strongly believe in sending authors on tour.

Whether it is a short, 3- to 5-city tour or a nationwide, 20-city tour, Newman Communications has, for 20 years, maintained outstanding local contacts in Northeast cities, the Midwest, down South, and out West. While on tour, authors mix multiple media appearances (broadcast and print) with bookstore signings for a complete day of promotion.

Newman Communications understands that while on tour an author is in unfamiliar territory. That is why the Newman staff is available to coordinate all aspects of a tour—from travel to and from a city to the transportation to media appearances. We also coordinate with book stores to ensure proper volume of stock is available for consumers who read about, heard, or saw the author in the local media.

Whether an author is a well-known celebrity or a first-time author, Newman Communications has the contacts to ensure a successful and safe journey into the world of local book promotion.