Online Book Publicity Campaigns, Blogs, News Sites, and Online Media

Book Publicity, Past, Present and Future

Public relations, and specifically book publicity, continues to evolve and change with the times. Traditional book publicity focus on print and broadcast media has now been supplemented by the world of online book publicity and media placements.

After 20+ years as a leader in traditional book publicity and promotion, Newman Communications has seen first hand the changes, challanges, and success of managing this evolution. We have taken an aggressive approach on behalf of our clients to develop and maintain outstanding contacts at online outlets including

  • traditional media sites
  • standalone online news outlets
  • large and small bloggers

Our online media contacts recognize that Newman Communications understands their business and sees its increasing value to the world of book publicity and book promotion.

Online Book Publicity, What’s Included

During an online book publicity campaign, Newman Communications will generate book publicity and coverage for authors and their books. Extensive outreach is conducted by Newman’s team of online publicists to blogs, podcasts, videocasts, wire services, news sites, and others as they emerge. Coverage will consist of interviews, features, reviews, mentions, quotes, and guest blogs with these outlets.

The Newman team launches the online book publicity effort by creating lists to focus on the key target audience for the book. Over a several week or month timeframe, Newman staff will complete a guaranteed number of placements and report to the client on an ongoing basis.