Print Tours

Newman Communications understands the power of the print media. Print media placements result in exposure that is seen by multiple readers over an extended period of time. Book industry experts recognize that print media exposure for a new or back-list title drives sales for a book and recognition for the author.

Whether pitching newspaper reporters, magazine writers, or wire service reporters, the Newman book publicists will put together a series of interviews that will result in feature placements, mentions, or quotes. These off-the-book-page stories are often focused on the author’s niche area of expertise (e.g.., business management, personal finance and investing, consumer health, international affairs, domestic politics, sports, parenting, and child psychology).

Newman’s vast print media contacts list, developed over the last 20 years throughout the US and abroad in these and other niches, understand that Newman Communications can be relied on to provide expert sources for immediate news stories and long-term feature articles.

As an added service, Newman Communications also places opinion/editorials in the country’s editorial pages for clients looking to advocate a position or demonstrate personal expertise. Newman Communications is trusted by editorial page editors, and our success rate for opinion/editorial placement remains very high despite the changing content of traditional newspapers.