Book Publicity Campaign for “A Delightfully Empty Nest”

Fun Without Dick and Jane: Your Guide to a Delightfully Empty Nest

Author: Christie Mellor
Publisher: Chronicle Books

Is $200 an hour too much to spend for exam tutoring? Is moving to an apartment near my daughter’s campus a valid option? If I don’t send a care package, does it mean I don’t care? How can I get my son to stay in touch without resorting to begging?!

These questions are on every parent’s mind as they face the moment they’ve been preparing for since pre-school enrollment: sending their little darling off to college. Luckily for them, Christie Mellor—bestselling author of The Three-Martini Playdate—has bestowed her trademark wit and wisdom with her new book, FUN WITHOUT DICK AND JANE: Your Guide to a Delightfully Empty Nest.

Christie Mellor came to us for a full book publicity campaign which  includes radio, TV, online and print. Our radio team was able to secure interviews for Christie on numerous networks and stations including:

  • Lifestyle Radio Network
  • Radio America
  • WZLX-FM/Boston MA
  • WMJI-FM/Cleveland OH
  • Northeast Public Radio

and many more.

Newman’s National Team was able to secure many blogs for our author as well as The Huffington Post and an appearance on The Today Show.

Mellor understands that letting go is not an easy thing to do, however she believes that an empty nest can equal a newly fulfilled life. In FUN WITH DICK AND JANE, she provides wise council on how to:

  • Deal with the house being too clean and too quiet
  • Admit the things you may not miss about your little angel
  • Rediscover your lost interests and find new goals
  • Rekindle the romantic flame with your partner
  • Step back out into social circles
  • Say sayonara to “Mrs. Minivan”
  • Run away from home
  • Figure out what to do when the children come home to roost. Because they will, for holidays, breaks, and possibly for years after graduation.

Even if parents spent some quality time considering what life will be like once the darlings have left, they should still expect a bit of an adjustment period when the child actually does fly the coop. But when that time comes, FUN WITHOUT DICK AND JANE encourages readers to be so thrilled about what they are doing with their own lives that the thought of their children moving on to a next chapter will only be a source of joy, pride, and excitement about the great adventure that awaits.

Celebrate the jubilation. Be ready to honor the grief. And then move on—happily—to the next part of life.

About the Author:

While pursuing a happy life that includes an interesting husband and two almost-always pleasant children, Christie became a vociferous cheerleader for the “other kind of parenthood,” the anti-perfection, you-deserve-a-life kind. Her first book, The Three-Martini Playdate was a harbinger of a new trend for today’s beleaguered parents, helping them to withstand the unceasing and overbearing good advice and pressure to raise perfect, highly enriched offspring, She continued the thread with The Three-Martini Family Vacation, also with Chronicle Books. Raised by Wolves: Clues to the Mysteries of Adulthood, (Harper/Collins) was a book designed for the adult child whose parents did not read The Three Martini Playdate. Next came You Look Fine, Really, a book celebrating women over a “certain age.” Fun Without Dick and Jane – Your Guide to a Delightfully Empty Nest, is her latest helpful guide for parents, a bookend to the “Three-Martini” books.

Christie’s rants have been published in Great Britain in The Guardian, Junior Magazine, and the Sunday Express; in Australia’s Sunday Life Magazine, and on the Huffington Post. She’s been heard on Britain’s BBC radio and American Public Radio’s Marketplace, in addition to being reviewed, interviewed, and quoted in Newsweek, Playboy, Us Magazine, The New York Times, People, and other publications. She also can be heard singing her bitter little heart out each week at the historic Culver Hotel in Los Angeles, where she and her band Doozy play Depression-era music and vintage originals. Please visit her colorful website, at

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