Book Publicity: Norb Vonnegut returns to Newman Communications with THE TRUST

The Trust

Author:  Norb Vonnegut
Publisher:  Minotaur Books

Book Publicity - The Trust

The Trust
Norb Vonnegut

Norb Vonnegut returns to Newman Communications for his third novel, THE TRUST (Minotaur Books, July 2012). Having worked with Vonnegut for book publicity and promotion on THE GODS OF GREENWICH , Newman Communications is pleased to have him back with his much anticipated newest release.

Every one of Vonnegut’s novels has a big idea grounded in reality.  THE TRUST shows how some financial criminals hide behind the First Amendment–specifically freedom of religion. The idea for the story traces back to an incident when Pablo Escobar’s first cousin tried to open an account with Vonnegut’s PWM team at Morgan Stanley.

Having worked on Wall Street for twenty years, Vonnegut (cousin of the late Kurt) is more than qualified to tell the tale. He combines his wealth management expertise and intuitive, darkly humorous writing into a fast-talking, suspense thriller that burrows inside the world of big-money philanthropy.

The book publicity and reviews are piling in and the consensus is unanimous;  Vonnegut has a winner in THE TRUST:

“Norb Vonnegut is the seriously underappreciated author of three glittery thrillers about fiscal malfeasance. This may not sound like a red-hot franchise, but he has made it one. With “Top Producer” (2009), “The Gods of Greenwich” (2011) and now “The Trust,” he is three for three in his own improbably sexy genre.

“Mr. Vonnegut dreams up diabolically elegant business crimes, then sends smart-talking characters to follow the money. He draws upon his own Wall Street experience (with Morgan Stanley, among other employers) to provide the sound of insider acumen. “I’ve had 14 managers over the last 10 years,” Grove O’Rourke says at the start of the new book. Grove was the stockbroker hero of “Top Producer,” and now he’s back for an encore.”

  • Associated Press writes: “Vonnegut turns out crisp prose and delightful conversations that move the reader from one exciting event to another.”   (July 16, 2012)
  • Publisher’s Weekly:  “Drawing on his own years on Wall Street, Vonnegut (Kurt’s fourth cousin) bolsters this efficient thriller with credible financial and legal detail while offering in Biscuit a colorful foil to his rather stolid hero”
  • shares Vonnegut’s journey from Wall Street to writer.
  • Kirkus Reviews:  “Mommas, don’t let your sons grow up to be Manhattan brokers or board members of charitable foundations. They’d never survive the combination    of criminal plots and personal threats…    A fast and furious novel from Vonnegut and a guaranteed good time.”

Vonnegut will hold book signings and events in New York City, Rhode Island (his current home town), Connecticut, and in North Carolina where part of The Trust takes place  and in Charleston, South Carolina, Vonnegut’s childhood home and the  setting for much of The Trust.

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