The Team

Newman Communication is led by the firm’s President, Robert K Newman, a highly regarded veteran with more than 20 years experience in journalism, publicity, advertising, event planning and talent management. He is joined by a talented team of former assignment editors, news directors and media executives, all well versed in the art of media strategy and turning publicity plans into placements.

Key Personnel

Bob   Newman

Bob Newman is a highly regarded public relations veteran, bringing more than 20 years of media experience to the firm. Prior to launching Newman Communications, Bob served with Marriott Corporation, State Mutual Life Assurance Company, and worked as a reporter for several Boston newspapers. Over the years Bob has developed a dynamic company that is committed to outstanding and affordable service and is truly respected by both clients and media. In addition to his duties leading Newman Communications, Bob is a nationally known columnist for Talkers magazine and a consultant to a number of talk show hosts, radio stations and political groups. Bob has been quoted widely in national newspapers including USA Today, The New York Post and The Boston Globe and has appeared on national television networks, including C-SPAN.

Elise   Bogdan

Elise, a graduate of Worcester State College, has been with Newman Communications since her beginning days as an intern. Gaining full knowledge of the business, she quickly progressed to account coordinator. Her thoroughness and attention to detail, as well as her ability to keep the client fully informed, were just a few of the factors of her two promotions. Elise has not only been promoted to Director of Client Services, but she now holds the title of Vice President. Elise's responsibilities include client reports, interview coordination and overseeing many of the tours Newman handles on a daily and weekly basis.