Media Training

For many, interviewing with a broadcast or print journalist raises images of  60 Minutes coming to the door. It doesn’t have to be that way, and Newman Communications is here to help. Our staff of former broadcast and print journalists will provide guidelines, tips, and practice until you are comfortable. Our one-on-one training enables you to get specific feedback focused on yourself, your book, and your subject matter.

All of our clients come to us with different expertise and requirements. Whether or not you have addressed large crowds and been interviewed by television stations/networks and radio stations, our team will determine your level of expertise and design a seminar for you. Newman’s staff of trainers will work with you on content, delivery, and appearance for television interviews.

To publicize your new book, you need to be the title’s best spokesperson. We will prepare you for all interview possibilities through mock interviews for each media format. A portion of our team’s teaching will focus on understanding reporters and meeting their needs while simultaneously getting the most promotion for your book.