How to Never Look Fat Again

How to Never Look Fat Again

Author: Charla Krupp
Publisher: Springboard

How to Never Look Fat Again

How to Never Look Fat Again - Charla Krupp

Every woman has said “Does this make me look fat?” Now we have the answers from Charla Krupp who has brought her newest book to Newman Communications  for a National Book Publicity and Radio Media Tour.


About the Book:

In HOW TO NEVER LOOK FAT AGAIN, Charla examines every aspect of how not to look fat, suggesting smart, easy and stylish ways to hide any reader’s arm flap, big bust, muffin top, back fat, Buddha belly, big booty, wide hips, thunder thighs, heavy calves as well as special problem situations such as not looking fat in work-out gear, evening wear and even in a swimsuit. She dissects clothing, giving specific “High-Fat,” “Low-Fat,” and “No-Fat” advice about the “four basic ingredients” of shape, fit, fabrics and colors. She’s as thorough, detailed, fun and stylish as ever! Other invaluable advice in each section includes:

  • High-Fat/No-Fat Lists: Clothing and accessories are analyzed for their potential fat-making content.
  • 10 Things That Make You Look Fat: Tips that address the styling of outfits. Don’t Waste a Penny on.
  • The bottom line on beauty bull and fashion hype.
  • Thinner by Tonight! Fierce, fast ways to drop a dress size in seconds.
  • Brilliant buys. Specific recommendations for the products that really work, including brands, style numbers, prices, retailers, and shopping websites
  • Going to Extremes: Cosmetic surgery, dermatological treatments, and new age solutions to body issue dilemmas.
  • Swap-Outs: Newer ways to hide fat, including how to exchange dated pieces for the current fashion solution, so that you look neither fat nor frumpy.

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