“Man Made” Book Promotion Tour for Time Magazine Columnist Joel Stein

Man Made – A Stupid Quest for Masculinity

Man Made - Joel Stein

Man Made – Joel Stein

Author: Joel Stein
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Newman Communications and Joel Stein recently completed a successful radio book promotion campaign for the Time columnist’s new release, Man Made; A Stupid Quest for Masculinity. Newman’s radio book publicity team booked him on several top-market radio stations, inlcuding:

  • KABC-AM/Los Angeles CA
  • KOA-AM/Denver CO – Listen now
  • WLW-AM/Cincinnati OH
  • Dial Global Network/nationally syndicated
  • WRIF-FM/Detroit MI
  • Sirius/XM/nationally syndicated
  • KRLD-AM/Dallas TX

In Man Made, Stein’s first book, he writes a hilarious and poignant adventure about the absurdities of modern masculinity as he attempts to acquire the manly skills he wants to pass on to his newborn son.

From the Book

The smudge looked suspicious. The doctor confirmed: “That’s the baby’s penis!” Joel’s reaction? Pure panic. “I pictured having to go camping and fix a car and use a hammer and throw a football and watch professionals throw footballs and figure out whether to be sad or happy about the results of said football throwing.” And so begins Joel’s quest to confront his effete nature whether he likes it or not (he doesn’t), by doing a 24-hour shift with LA firefighters, going hunting for wild turkeys, rebuilding a house, driving a Lamborghini, enduring three days of boot camp with the U.S. Army, day-trading with $100,000 and going into the ring with UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture. Seeking help from a panel of experts, including his manly father-in-law, Boy Scouts, former NFL star Warren Sapp and some celebrities, he expects to learn that masculinity is not defined by the size of his muscles but by the size of his heart. This is not at all what he learns.

Visit Joel’s website at www.thejoelstein.com

Hear Joel on WFLA at http://www.970wfla.com/player/?mid=22093230

Hear Joel on KOA here www.850koa.com/player/?station=KOA-AM&program_name=podcast&program_id=cmn.xml&mid=22093868


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