Book Promotion: A new day, a new scandal. When will we learn to avoid crisis?

S.E.T. Culture: What Every Organization Needs to Know Before Crises Occur

Author: Dr. Ken J. Brumfield

SET Culture Book Promotion

S.E.T Culture
Dr. Ken J. Brumfield

Here at Newman Communications, we constantly have one ear tuned to the latest breaking news. While a book is the primary focus of any book promotion campaign, we also pride ourselves in thinking outside the box (or the book page!) and angling our authors as the topical experts they already are. Therefore, we are often hearing about the various and persistent crises and thinking: how did they let it get this far?

Dr. Ken J. Brumfield’s new book, “S.E.T. Culture: What Every Organization Needs to Know Before Crises Occur” seeks to solve that problem before it even arises, by is suggesting something different than most crisis analysts: lets look at the Senior Executive Team’s (S.E.T.’s) Culture and how it effects middle managers’ decision making during crises. Dr. Brumfield’s research and tactics are both timely and evergreen, and can be applied to breaking news such as the Penn State Trial or your local up-and-coming small business. The unique take is starting to make an impact with the media.

About the Book:

S.E.T. Culture is useful for all business types, including businesses operating in corporate America, governmental agencies, religious organizations, colleges and universities, and other nonprofit organizations. It will assist individuals with making critical decisions and acting decisively in a crisis, especially when there is the potential for loss of life or property. For any business or organization looking to successfully rebound from a current or imminent crisis, S.E.T. Culture is an insightful resource that provides all stakeholders with the tools to implement change successfully.

 About the Author:

Dr. Brumfield has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Arts in Counseling degree from Xavier University and an Executive Master of Business Administration degree from the University of New Orleans. He completed a Doctor of Management degree at the University of Maryland. Dr. Brumfield is a senior management consultant and management professor having worked with such organizations as MDRC, Columbia University’s National Center for Postsecondary Research, Bizlink and other organizations

His expertise helps executives, mid-level managers, and front-line workers identify organizational behaviors, threats, and opportunities that will help their companies and organizations successfully endure and rebound from a crisis.

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