Book Publicity: The Misleading Mind, How Buddhist Psychology Can Help Us to Solve Our Own Problems

The Misleading Mind

The Misleading Mind Cover

The Misleading Mind

Author: Karuna Cayton
Publisher: New World Library

For over 20 years Karuna Cayton has worked to coach and help people achieve a more balanced life.

In Misleading Mind: How We Create Our Own Problems and How Buddhist Psychology Can Help Us Solve Them (New World Library), author and psychotherapist Karuna Cayton presents the essence of Buddhist teachings about the nature of mind so that anyone can use them.

“Much of Buddhist thought encourages us to embrace our problems like old friends. It even encourages us to seek out our problems as a way to train our minds and to break free from the control of our disturbing (but sometimes unseen) emotions,” writes Karuna. “Great practitioners like the Dalai Lama even claim to enjoy problems because, like our best friends, problems honestly and accurately reflect ourselves back to us. There is no clearer measure of our interior health than the nature of our problems.”

With a book publicity campaign outreaching to media in various beats and outlets, Karuna’s message hit home with   “Empathy is greatly increased through mindfulness practice. As we know from the studies in emotional intelligence, empathy is one of the key leadership competencies in positive leadership. Research has demonstrated that the mood of the leader has an overwhelming effect on the mood of  the organization” states Cayton.

Newman’s  national radio book publicity has spread Karuna’s message around the country via:

  • The Progressive Radio Network,
  • Business Talk Radio, and more.

Business entrepreneurs and people in general are starting  to look at their problems in a new light.  Once we recognize the habitual ways our minds perceive and react, we see the way they mislead.  Cayton’s book contains exercises and real world examples that help the reader put into practice the way to a better life.

About the Author:

Karuna Cayton, psychotherapist and author of The Misleading Mind, spent twelve years working with Tibetan refugees in Nepal and studying with Buddhist masters. His Karuna Group practice applies Buddhist psychology to individual and organizational clients. He lives in Northern California.  Visit him online at

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