Book Publicity for Abe Lincoln is hotter than ever. Honest!

LINCOLN, INC.: Selling the Sixteenth President in Contemporary America

Lincoln Inc. - Book Cover

Lincoln Inc.

Newman Communications’ had the pleasure of providing successful publicity services to promote Jacqueline Hogan’s recent release Lincoln, Inc.  including both radio and print publicity for the book.

As the book publicity campaign unfolded, it became clear that Lincoln is still among the most popular presidents, grabing spots on radio that included

  • Nationally syndicated Jim Bohannon Show/Dial Global Network
  • KYW-AM/Philadelphia
  • WGTD-FM/Milwaukee WI
  • and Daybreak USA/USA Radio Network

The print campaign included op-eds in

  • The Christian Science Monitor
  • The Atlanta Journal Constitution with a focus on how Lincoln might measure up as a Republican by today’s GOP.
  • and The St. Louis Dispatch

Listen in to Jacqueline’s radio interview with WSLR-FM.

About Lincoln, Inc:

Nearly a century and a half after his death, Abraham Lincoln’s legacy and cultural clout is almost unparalleled. Noted sociologist Jackie Hogan details this phenomenon in her new book, LINCOLN, INC.: Selling the Sixteenth President in Contemporary America (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers; December 2011).

A professor and researcher at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, Hogan fills LINCOLN, INC. with insightful observations on the exploitation of one of America’s most beloved Presidents. From the time of his first campaign to today, Lincoln has been packaged into a brand and marketed to the general public. His image has been used to make millions for corporations and win elections for politicians.

For mor information about Lincoln Inc., visit the publishers site at

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