Warren Moon: Never Give Up on Your Dream

Alongside the Newman Communications literary publicity team, Warren Moon, the only African-American quarterback in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the only player in both the Pro Football and Canadian Football Hall of Fame prepares for the release of his first book - Never Give Up on Your Dream: My Journey.

Everyone loves a Cinderella story.  We hear and see them every where, but Warren Moon’s is hard to top.  Like Jackie Robinson and Bill Russell, Warren Moon helped transcend and transform the traditional nature of football and sports as a whole.

Adversity seemed to always follow the everyday footsteps of Warren Moon. Living in Los Angeles at the age of seven, Moon lost his father to alcoholism and was forced into supporting his mother as a mentor, protector, and aid to his six sisters.

Throughout Moon’s heroic and revolutionary journey he justly fought against the racially biased attitudes that plagued his era. Many coaches believed he was not smart enough to play quarterback entirely because he was black.  Consistently being told that he should move to another position Warren remained headstrong and kept his focus in the pocket.

As he grew older and progressed through the ranks of the game not much changed in regards to him being a black quarterback.  After leading the University of Washington to a Rose Bowl victory over the college football powerhouse Michigan Wolverines, he flew north to Canada and joined the CFL.

Far from home, on the real frozen tundra, Warren Moon led his team, the Edmonton Eskimos, to five consecutive championships. Finally, in 1984, Moon signed an NFL contract with the Houston Oilers.  Over the next several years Warren played with the Oilers, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, and Kansas City Chiefs.  After seventeen years in the NFL, Warren Moon left the feild as one of the most accomplished and decorated quarterbacks to ever play.

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