Melissa Orlov, promoting ADHD Effect on Marriage with Print and TV Book Publicity Tour

ADHD Effect on Marriage

Author: Melissa Orlov
Publisher: Specialty Press

The ADHD Effect On Marriage

The ADHD Effect On Marriage

Melissa Orlov wanted to get her message across to not just people with ADHD but to all involved in a relationship.  Bringing her message to us for a Print and TV Book Publicity Tour,  Newman was able to bring Melissa’s expertise to such national exposure as The Today Show , The New York Times , The Boston Globe, CNN’s American Morning and many more.

Most couples who have ADHD affecting their marriages have no idea why they are so unhappy.  They just know that they have tried hard to make things better, and are intensely frustrated that nothing seems to work.  Because they are unaware that ADHD is playing a role, couples in these relationships often pick exactly the wrong approaches to solving their marital problems – approaches that would make sense for most couples, but not when one or both partners has ADHD.  But here’s the good news.  Once couples understand the patterns that ADHD introduces into a relationship they can turn their marriage around.

The ADHD Effect on Marriage, Understand and Rebuild Your Relationship in Six Steps isn’t about a “miracle cure,” but about providing the knowledge and tools couples need to reshape their relationship into the loving, supportive, exciting partnership they once envisioned.

Author Melissa Orlov takes a personal interest in her topic as both her husband and her daughter were diagnosed with ADHD.  After 20 +  years, her marriage is intact and her daughter is doing great!

Our Book Publicity Campaign continues with Melissa with an additional  article placed  on just in time for summer romance.

About the Author:

Melissa Orlov is one of the top experts in how ADHD affects relationships and has been writing publicly about the topic since 2007.  She writes the “Your Marriage” column for ADDitude Magazine, is the lead writer on the blog “Thoughts on ADHD and Marriage” at, and is a contributing author of the book, Married to Distraction, with Dr. Ned Hallowell and Sue George Hallowell, LICSW. When not writing, Ms. Orlov consults with ADHD-affected couples from around the world, helping them rebalance their relationships and learn to thrive.

Newman Communications and Melissa Orlov continue their  partnership with a book publicity campaign that alerts both the media and general consumer on the importance of treatment for ADHD and help with relationships in general.

Peter Baksa Continues Book Series Publicity Efforts with Newman

It’s None of My Business What You Think of Me!

Author: Peter Baksa
Publisher: Intelegance

Peter Baksa : It's None of My Business What You Think of Me

Peter Baksa : It's None of My Business What You Think of Me

Newman Communication’s introduced Peter Baksa’s previous book title, Point of Power, to the world with a book tour that saw the author featured on national radio networks such as Lifestyle Talk Radio and the Cable Radio Network. He appeared on radio stations all over the country from East (WHUD, New York, NY) to West (KKNW, Seattle, WA). Now, Peter Baksa has returned for a new book publicity campaign for his latest book, It’s None of My Business What You Think of Me!. Already, Peter has appeared on multiple national radio networks, including Voice of America and Money Maters. Additionally, his work has been highlighted in Tony Robins’ “Breakthrough: The Power of Crisis” section of the Huffington Post and in an interview with the website GetInspired.

About the Book:

Throughout our lives, we are constantly influenced by factors that surround us. We unknowingly make “life contracts” with parents, friends, teachers, employers, and the media, amongst other influences. “Life is a series of contracts,” Peter Baksa writes in It’s None of My Business What You Think of Me, “…these contracts can make you poor, sad, and unhealthy, if they are kept.” They work against free will and are obstructions to fulfillment; thrown up by the ego. “Oftentimes, we’re our own worst enemy,” says Baksa.

In his interview with GetInspired, Baksa states “I believe we have two choices; one is to come from a place of ego, and oftentimes ego is fear, or we have a choice to come from inspiration…which means we’re going to approach a life situation from a point of love, trust, and faith.” It’s None of My Business What You Think of Me! teaches the reader how to approach life in this way. By noticing these contracts, one is able to cancel or rewrite them in order to free yourself, and live the life you have wanted for so long.

About the Author:

Peter Baksa recieved several advanced degrees from the University of Illinois, where he later worked as a visiting professor and lecturer. In addition to writing books and speaking to audiences around the country, Peter has worked with many charities and creates music and art. He is passionate about his writing, and feels that his work can lead to real change. Ultimately, Peter says, “I’m just excited to share through my books.”

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The Point Of Power

Author: Peter Baksa
Publisher: Intelegance Publishing

Intend, Declare, Detach

The Point of Power

The Point of Power

Author, Peter Baksa, has spent the past decade researching ancient text and interviewing people from various walks of life to see how they developed their belief systems in regard to God, Politics and Nutrition.  The responses he received were the inspiration for The Point of Power

No matter what your life situation is, you can harness the natural laws of the universe, as indicated by scientific research , to manifest your desires. The Point of Power weaves a fabric of these theories into a message that will change your life forever.

The Point of Power guides you to:

  • Intend:       Set an intention to think positive thoughts
  • Declare:   State a plan and align your behaviors
  • Detach:     Allow the universe to do its thing

The Point of Power teaches you how to engage the same forces that creates worlds to manifest the life you desire.  The author points to leading contemporary research in quantum physics to support his theories on lifestyle design and creation.  He shows the reader how the universe functions and how we interact with it to create our reality in the natural.  He also illustrates how we stand in the way of our successes and life goals and what we need to do to get out of the way and allow the universe to do it’s thing.

The Point of Power ties together the science of quantum physics with the evolution of the human being to show how we are in total control of our life experience through manipulation of our thoughts.

About The Author

Peter Baksa has pursued academic excellence receiving several advanced degrees from the University of Illinois, followed by post graduate research as a visiting professor/lecturer. Peter has worked with many charities, is a professional speaker, author, musician and artist.He lives in Chicago, Illinois. For more information please visit:

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Book Promotion for Legend of a Suicide

Author: David Vann
Publisher: Harper Perennial

David Vann’s reputation certainly precedes him making Newman Communications all the more enthusiastic for his book promotion and book publicity campaign. The Newman Team provided Mr. Vann with a Book Publicity and Radio Media Tour,  providing the outstanding book promotion service and results he deserves.

About the Book:

The Legend of a Suicide, Vann’s debut fiction collection, includes five stories and a novella joined by one, unavoidable incident: the suicide of Roy Fenn’s father. From Roy’s dramatic birth on a remote Alaskan Island to his boyhood fascination with tropical fish; from a detailed and dark speculation of his own suicide and what it would mean to his long-dead father to his 30-year old self returning to his childhood hometown to confront his father’s first mistress and the origin of his despair: this semiautobiographical collection transforms “tragedy into art.”

Vann gives each story a different context and perspective, allowing a unique and sincere connection with the protagonist, and catapulting Vann into his own place among contemporary literature.

Prizes & Awards for Legend of a Suicide:

  • Winner of The New York Times Editors pick
  • New York Times Notable Book
  • Winner of the Grace Paley Prize
  • A California Book Award Winner
  • San Francisco Chronicle top fifty
  • Story Prize Notable book
  • Kansas City Star Top ten story Collections
  • Esquire’s Contributor Award Winner

About the Author:

David Vann is a professor at the University of San Francisco. A contributor to Esquire, The Atlantic, Men’s Journal, Outside, and National Geographic Adventure, he is the author of a bestselling memoir, A Mile Down: The True Story of a Disastrous Career at Sea, and the forthcoming Last Day On Earth: A Portrait of the NIU Shooter, Steve Kazmierczak. His website is

Prizes & Awards for David Vann:

  • National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship
  • Wallace Stegner Fellowship
  • AWP Nonfiction Prize

How to Hit a Curveball: Confront and Overcome the Unexpected in Business


How To Hit A Curveball (Scott Singer & Mark Levine)

How To Hit A Curveball


Author(s): Scott R. Singer with Mark Levine
Publisher: Portfolio

Strategic change expert, Scott R. Singer turns to the book publicity services of  Newman Communications to help garner media attention for his first book, How To Hit A Curveball.  Available in stores April 1, Investor’s Business Daily is the first to talk about it!

About the book:

The recording industry never saw it coming. Xerox never saw it coming. Employees at Bear Stearns never saw it coming. Maybe even you didn’t see it coming….

Whether it be the advent of digital music, the desktop computer with a graphical interface and mouse, a major recession, or a personal layoff, divorce, or illness, how one reacts to and handles the next curveball can be the difference between success and failure.

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