Book Promotion Tour for Dirk Hayhurst’s Book, Out of My League

A Major League Book Promotion Tour

Out of My League

Out of My League - Dirk Hayhurst

When asked what comes to mind when you think about spring, book promotion usually isn’t the answer you get. Instead your likely to hear answers like, Green Grass, Flowers, and … BASEBALL! Yes, spring training is here! The grass is cut,  the teams are practicing and before you know it will be Opening Day! Get out your peanuts, cracker jacks, and your favorite baseball cap and get ready to cheer on the hometown team. While some of us are content to cheering in the stands, others have bigger dreams. Dreams of taking a major league outfield, the pitchers mound,  or running the bases after hitting a home run! That’s where Dirk Hayhurst’s story starts, when he got called up from the minors in 2008 to play for the San Diego Padres! Newman Communications had the great great opportunity to provide and coordinate Dirk’s book promotion and publicity tour packed with with a radio and print exposure!

Newman Communications was able to get interviews on such radio stations and publications as:

About the Book

The book tells the story of how Dirk Hayhurst got his big break by playing in the major leagues.  After six years of laying it on the line in the minors, pitcher Dirk Hayhurst hopes 2008 is the year he will break into the big leagues.  But every time Dirk looks up, the bases are loaded with new challenges, on and off the field: a wedding balancing on blind hope, a family in chaos, and paychecks that beg Dirk to ask, “How long can I afford to keep doing this?”

Then it finally happens- Dirk gets called up to the Majors, to play for the San Diego Padres.  A dream comes  true when he takes the mound against the  San Francisco Giants, kicking off forty insane days and nights in the Bigs- with a big paycheck, bigger-than life personalities, and the biggest pressure he’s ever felt.

About the Bestselling Author, Dirk Hayhurst

Dirk Hayhurst is the author of the New York Times best seller THE BULLPEN GOSPELS.  Drafted from Kent State University in 2003 as a senior sign, Hayhurst has pitched professionally for nine years on more than eight minor league teams and two major league teams, including the San Diego Padres and the Toronto Blue Jays. In 2011, he signed with the Tampa Bay Rays and pitched for their Triple A-Team, the Durham Bulls in Durham, NC.  Hayhurst was born in Canton, Ohio, and resides in the off-season in Hudson, Ohio, with his wife Bonnie, a music therapist.

It was great to work with Dirk Hayhurst. Check out his book,  OUT OF MY LEAGUE in stores now and good luck to your team this season!

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