Book Publicity Takes Mark Titus Off the NCAA Bench and Across the Country

Book Publicity – DON’T PUT ME IN COACH

Author: Mark Titus
Publisher: Doubleday

Don't Put Me In Coach

Mark Titus

College sports are electrifying to watch! Who can forget Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary pass or the 1985 Villanova vs.  Georgetown Championship game? But some players barely get off the bench like former Ohio State player Mark Titus.  Titus takes you on a journey from one end of the bench to the other end with a look behind the scenes of the NCAA-hoops  in DON’T PUT ME IN COACH; a hilarious memior.  Newman Communications provided book publicity for Titus and set up a radio book tour for the bench warmer, including hits with:

Titus gives readers an uncensored tour inside an elite NCAA basketball player through the eyes of the benchwarmer. From his relationships with teammates, the pressure, and the many hours he clocked cheering for his team on the sideline- Mark Titus does not miss a humorous beat.  His unique perspective materialized into wildly popular Club Trillion blog for which he quickly became a hero to all guys picked last.  He was even scouted by the Harlem Globtrotters. Certain to make you laugh-out-loud,  Mark  Titus is not your average basketball star; and this is the true story of the most unlikely career in college basketball told from the underdog himself.

In 2006, Mark Titus arrived on Ohio State’s campus as a basketball manager who aspired to be an orthopedic surgeon.  As a walk-on,  he was miraculously added to the elite Buckeye basketball team,  given a scholarship and trained alongside seven future NBA players- including Greg Oden, Evan Turner,  and Mike Conley.  During his 4 years with the Buckeye’s he set the record for the most indivual career wins in Ohio State basketball history- and scored a total of 9 points.

The book is full of  laughs and quotes from his former coach and teammates including:

“Of all the players  I’ve coached in my caree,  Mark Titus is one of them.” ~ Coach Thad Matta

“I  haven’t read the book and probally never will, but the cover looks pretty cool I guess.” ~ Mike Conely Jr (#4 overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft; 2007 NCAA Tournament South Regional MVP.

About the Author

Mark Titus is the creator of,  and a contributer at He was feature several times in the New York Times,, and Bill Simon’s podcast, among others.  He  graduated in 2010, a hero to millions.


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