Steven Kussin’s Book Publicity Tour Promotes Patient Advocacy

Doctor, Your Patient Will See You Now

Author: Steven Z. Kussin, M.D.

Health columns in newspapers, wellness tips on television and countless books on the medical profession attest to the fact that a large and increasing number of people understand that health literacy is as important to living longer lives as is living a healthy life style. But while there are innumerable books that inform readers about medical conditions, few offer the more important lesson about medical decision-making. Many volumes warn the public about the dangers of the healthcare system but curiously few describe how they can be avoided using an insider’s perspective. It is for these reasons that Dr. Steven Kussin decided to turn to Newman Communications for a strong book publicity campaign for his new book, Doctor, Your Patient Will See you Now. Kussin’s passion for patient advocacy developed when he became the patient after a horrible accident.

Newman was able to present Kussin’s information to the public with a strong media book publicity tour that gave his book exposure via such publications as  Woman’s Day Magazine, The New York Times, Yahoo! Shine,, and many more.  Our radio publicity team took the track and provided tremendous book promotion opportunities by securing  Sirius XM Radio Doctor’s Network, Voice America Radio, and many local stations across the country.

Doctor, Your Patient Will See You Now (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.) offers knowledge and advice on what Kussin calls “patienthood” -the sum of talents, attitudes and knowledge that precede and rise above immediate concerns or ailments. It enables people to become partners rather than third parties in their own care. It allows them to be part of the equation rather than the passive result of others’ calculations.

Patients increasingly and correctly feel that they are on their own in a bewildering, impersonal, profit driven, perilous medical system.   Hospitals are foreign terrain. Doctor, Your Patient Will See You Now is a guide book allowing readers to become skilled in healthcare’s customs, dialects and landscape.

About the Author:
Steven Z. Kussin, M.D. was raised in a medical family of independent physicians. From them he learned the lessons that enabled him to become his patients’ confidant and advocate. He attended Columbia University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he also later served as an assistant professor of clinical medicine.  Dr. Kussin has also opened a consultancy dedicated to medical advocacy in the service of his adopted city of Utica, New York and the central New York region.

The successful book publicity campaign for Dr. Steven Kussin and Doctor, Your Patient Will See You Now helped patient’s learn ways to speak with their physicians and created visibility for this important message.

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