Behold, The Mediterranean

Author: Mark Weisenmiller
Publisher: Alka Press International

Behold, The Mediterranean

Behold, The Mediterranean

Newman Communications is proud to announce its book publicity campaign for this timely new book on the Mediterranean region, its people, places, foods, politics, and much more: Mark Weisenmiller’s BEHOLD, THE MEDITERRANEAN.

In Behold, The Mediterranean (Alka Press International, April 2011; $22.95), the first of a planned series of books on countries and regions of the world, international journalist Mark Weisenmiller (The Economist, China’s Xinhua News Agency, Agence France Presse, Inter Press Service) takes readers on an action-packed, fast-moving tour of 15 nations that surround the Mediterranean Sea.

Combining history, politics, news, current events, and tourism, each chapter delivers a wealth of information in an engaging, highly readable style that will hold your interest. Whether you are planning to travel to the Mediterranean lands or just want to understand what has made the countries of North Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Europe what they are today, you will find this book both colorful and informative.

Divided into three sections, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, the 480 page, 6×9” book features a color insert section with more than 30 photographs.

Readers will love:

  • Historical overviews from ancient times to the present
  • Current events and politics
  • Succinct, colorfully summarized biographies of key world leaders
  • A guide to each country’s tourist sites, foods, and culture

Two years in the making, Behold, The Mediterranean not only embraces the history of these diverse, yet connected nations, but will also take readers to “visit” present day Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Spain, Low France, Monaco, Italy, Malta, and Greece.

Though the book focuses on culture, politics, history, and news, Weisenmiller also present tips for well known and off the beaten path tourist sites alike, in a travelogue style, and writes about some Mediterranean cuisines as well. As well, he has profiled past, present, and potential political and historical leaders of these countries. In this sense, Weisenmiller’s original work has managed to skillfully meld a diverse body of information.

About the Author

Mark Weisenmiller is a Florida-based reporter for The Economist and China’s Xinhua News Agency. He has also done international journalism for Agence France Presse (AFP), Deutsche Presse Agentur (dpa), Inter Press Service (IPS), and United Press International (UPI). His professional career has taken him around the globe for nearly 30 years. Behold, the Mediterranean is his fourth published nonfiction book. He is working on book two in a series of books that will follow the editorial template of Behold, the Mediterranean, but profiling different countries, in different regions of the world.

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